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Who Is Abraham?

When Abraham (still called Abram) was seventy-five years old, God told him to leave his country and his family and move to the land of Canaan. God further told Abraham to count the stars in the sky; that would be the number of Abraham’s many descendants. Abraham believed him and God was pleased. God fulfilled that promise to Abraham when Sarah was well past her child-bearing years. Abraham was 100 years old when his son Isaac was born (Genesis 21:5)!

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God later tested Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his only son, Isaac, on an altar of fire. Because Abraham was so obedient and willing to offer his only son, God blessed him and through Abraham’s descendants, the nation of Israel was born (Genesis 22:1-18).

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9 thoughts on “Who Is Abraham?”

  1. Do you truly believe God asked Abram to commit murder? Do you think perhaps Abram only thought he had to undertake this sacrifice due to the tradition of the people back then? God knows all and would already know what would happen hence no need to test humans. I do wonder about the conversation of Abram and Isaac as they journeyed home! The God in the OT is very different to that of the NT yet we we read God is the same yesterday, today and always. Any insights? I love to learn.

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  2. Abraham was a friend of God (Yahweh, the I AM, the God of his present). When Abraham (Abram)was 75 years old, he was given a promise of a son who would come from his wife Sarah, who was unable to have children and was 65 years old. Earlier God cut a covenant with Abraham and took all the risk in the relationship. He changed his name to “Father of Many,” when he had no children. He had Isaac at the age of 100 and was told that this was his one and only son of promise. Hebrews 11:19 says that Abraham thought that God would resurrect Isaac from the dead. Isaac is a picture of God’s one and only son (the begotten son), who was sacrificed and gave his life to save us from sin. Jesus was crucified at the same place. He was about the same age as Isaac, when he died. Abraham had the promise from God that Isaac was the son of promise. He believed God. God provided a ram caught in the brush as the sacrifice. Jesus took our sins and died so we might live. He took our sins for us. This is a beautiful picture of the love of God for Abraham and all of mankind. Abraham is the spiritual father of all that have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.

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